Welcome to the first version of the Digital Workspace Livefire: Zero Trust Journey. The scenario you will be working on this week is a company called EUC-Livefire. They are a very dynamic Organization and have traditionally been on-premise but have recently moved part of their Organization into the cloud due to the recent COVID-19 lockdown. They have critical data and customer records stored in their database and hence are being proactive in hardening their endpoints and reducing the attack surface. You are tasked with the goal to implement Zero Trust framework in their Workspace ONE environment to secure both on-premise and cloud components. 

During this course, you will be implementing the security capabilities available in VMware Products specifically Workspace ONE, Carbon Black and NSX.  On each day, you will focus on one of the below pillars of Zero Trust framework and experience the journey to secure their environment,

Day 1: Device Trust

Day 2: Secure Access

Day 3: Transport Security

Day 4: Application Trust 

In this session

Please take the time and document all the URL's and Credentials for the resources you will be using this week

Part 1. Overview of our On-premise and SaaS resources

On-premise resources

  • The following resources in your lab environment are representative of what the EUC-Livefire organisation "On-premise' resources.
    1. Active Directory Domain Controller and DNS services.
      • Server Name is ControlCenter2 and the Active Directory Domain is EUC-Livefire.com
    2. On premise Workspace ONE UEM
      • We have a single Workspace ONE UEM server server name is uem.euc-livefire.com.
    3. Connector Server
      • A dedicated Windows server called ws1.euc-livefire.com, this is dedicated for the Workspace ONE Access & UEM AirWatch connector.
    4. On premise Access
      • Workspace ONE Access server is installed on access.euc-livefire.com

Cloud SaaS resources

You will also be able to login with the same email address you logged in the VLP portal on the SaaS Workspace ONE UEM console. .

  • A SaaS Instance of WorkspaceONE UEM (formerly known as VMware AirWatch)

Part 2: Registration of your SaaS Tenants for Workspace ONE UEM

This section takes you through the registration process for your lab resources. You will login to a SaaS tenant of  Workspace ONE UEM.  

In addition you will login and gain access to what will represent your on-premise  components.  

  1. To Register for the course (Digital Workspace Livefire) by clicking on the unique lab registration link found on www.vmware.com/go/euclivefire that takes your associated hands-on labs
  2. Click on Lab Manual (this will take you to a web based Screensteps web page)
  3. Click on Lab Link (this will take you to your associated hands-on infrastructure)
  4. Click on Course Material (this will take you to all associate training material)
  5. You will notice that a new Windows will open that allows you to Access the VLP (VMware Learning Platform) from which you will interact with your on-premises components.
    • NOTE: For your labs you will be using the ControlCenter2 server virtual machine in most instances unless otherwise stated,  as your landing desktop and first point of access to your on-premise resources.
  6. Open a browser on your local machine, navigate to https://cn-livefire.awmdm.com
    • Use the credentials provided to login :
      • Username: YOUREMAILADDRESS
      • Password: VMware1!


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