EUC2020 Horizon Uplift Enablement Session Day 1Getting Started - Horizon Uplift 2020

Getting Started - Horizon Uplift 2020

Part 1 Overview

In this scenario you are part of a team of consultants who are deploying a apps and desktops virtualization platforms for a customer. The initial setup has already been done by a colleague of yours.

The organisation has key drivers around security, availability, mobility, and business continuity, and even tho its not within the scope of this project, is working towards having a secure and centralized point of access for all employee resources. This includes futures projects for moving some applications to the cloud and to SaaS offerings, as well as supporting bring your own device and home office initiatives.

End-users require consumption of their applications across all platforms and recently have commented on how difficult it is to remember all the access portals and passwords. As a consulting


A teammate of yours has already started working on the deployment. So far the following task have been completed:

vSphere implementation

Connection server deployment and basic configuration

Template and parent desktop VM creation

RDSH host creation

App installation media download

Horizon Cloud Connector virtual appliance deployment  

Unified Access Gateway appliance and sample scripts download

Ova tool installation

Workspace ONE access connector installation


Youll be conducting most of the tasks from your Controlcenter virtual machine unless otherwise indicated, in this case, there's a remote desktop folder shortcut in your vm desktop.


Cloud & SaaS resources

the following cloud based resources have been deployed for your use:

  • A SaaS Instance of Workspace ONE Access (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager)
  • A Horizon Cloud Service account, associated with your myvmware account. in case the provisioning team found a problem while creating this for you, your instructor will provide a generic account for you to use.

Part 2 : Registration of your SaaS Tenants for Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM

This section takes you through the registration process for your lab resources. You will login to a SaaS tenant of Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM.  

In addition you will login and gain access to what will represent your on-premise  components.

These include the Microsoft Windows Workspace ONE Access Connector, your Windows 10 Test Virtual machine and your Citrix Farm


1. To Register for the course (Digital Workspace Livefire) by clicking on the unique lab registration link found on that takes your to 

2. Click on Start This Course

3. You will notice that a new Windows will open that allows you to Access the VLP (VMware Learning Platform) from which you will interact with your on-premises components. We will come back to these later in the lab.

4. At this time check your e-mail and you should have received an e-mail from [email protected].

NOTE: Check your JUNK folder

5. This e-mail contains the unique tenant for your Workspace ONE Access SaaS instance. Click on the TENANT URL to launch the Workspace ONE Access Admin Console.

Use the credentials provided to login : Username: Administrator Password: VMware1!

6. Now that you are signed in, change from the catalog view to the admin console by navigating to the top right and clicking on Tenant Admin and selecting Administration Console from the drop-down.

7.  You should now see the Workspace ONE Access Admin Console to which we will return in a later lab.


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