EUCEUC: Advanced Integrations - 2019 Day 3Securing O365 with Workspace One UEM

Securing O365 with Workspace One UEM

Part 1: Configure Azure for Integration with  Workspace ONE UEM

In this lab you will configure and apply data loss prevention (DLP) application policies to the Microsoft Intune App Protection applications and data in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Workspace ONE UEM does not directly enforce policies on applications. The Microsoft SDK controls and enforces the policies.


1. Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 License (EM+S E5)

2. Admin credentials with access to Azure Active Directory with permissions to add enterprise applications and with the Group.Read.All and Group.ReadWrite.All permissions. 

Note: Graph API does not support modern authentication. Hence can only use non federated Admin credential. Use * domain. 

  1. Login to using your onmicrosoft admin account created in an earlier lab.
    1. On the landing page select the Ξ 3 horizontal lines in the top-left hand corner to open the admin menu
    2. Select the  Azure Active Directory from the left hand navigation pane.
  1. In the left pane select Mobility (MDM and MAM)
    1. In the Mobility (MDM and MAM)  select + Add application
    2. Select the AirWatch by VMware application, scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner
    3. Select Add on the side panel that pops-up.
      • You should notice a brief Added application message with a green tick next to it
    4. Go back to Mobility (MDM and MAM) by selecting the Mobility (MDM and MAM)  at the top of the screen
      • Notice you now have an AirWatch by VMware Application


Part 2: Configure Workspace ONE UEM for Application Protection Policy

  1. Configuring Data Loss Prevention using Microsoft Intune® App Protection Policies for Android and IOS Mobile devices
    1. Switch to your Workspace ONE UEM console and login as Admin
    3. Under APPS , select Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies
    4. In the Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies console. Select the Authentication tab. Next to : -
      • Username : your office 365 CloudAdmin username
      • Password : your cloud admin off365 password
    5. Select SAVE & ASSIGN
  1. In the Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies console
    1. Next to the Authentication tab to the left, select the Assigned Groups Tab
    2. Under All Security Groups select SEARCH Marketing
    3. Select Marketing select ADD GROUP
    4. Close the window by selecting the X in the top right-hand corner.
  1. Ensure you are still logged into your Workspace ONE UEM admin console
    1. Select GROUPs & SETTINGS > All Settings
    2. In the Apps Section select Microsoft Intune® App Protection Policies
    3. Select the Data `Loss Protection tab, under Data Relocation section configure the following:-
      • Allow Apps to Transfer Data to Other Apps : RESTRICTED
      • Allow Apps to Receive Data from Other Apps : RESTRICTED
      • Restrict Cut Copy Paste with Other Apps : Policy Managed Apps
    4. Select SAVE & ASSIGN

For Intune Policies to be applied on Android devices we have to install the Microsoft Intune company Portal app.

Part 2.1: Installing the Microsoft Intune Company Portal App (Android Only)

In theAPPS & BOOKS>Applications>Native>Publictab

  2. In the Add Applicationwindow next to: Select
    • Platform*: Android
    • Name*: Microsoft Intune Company Portal App
    • select NEXT
  3. In the Add Application window select Intune Company Portal
  4. In the Intune Company Portal section, click the Select button
  5. Select SAVE & ASSIGN
  6. On the Intune Company Portal- Update Assignment window select ADD ASSIGNMENT
  7. In the Intune Company Portal- Add Assignment window next to:-
    • Select Assignment Groups: All Devices
    • App Delivery Method: AUTO radio button
    • App Tunneling : ENABLED (notice two extra lines are added)
      • Android* Android_Mobile_SSO
  8. At the bottom of the page select ADD
  9. Select SAVE & PUBLISH
  10. Select PUBLISH

Part 3: Test App Protection Policies

Now that the settings have been setup in the Workspace ONE UEM console, we must actually see these policies in effect on the device to enhanced security.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes for those policies to be applied to your device.

Part 3: Is divided into 2 sections

Section 1 : We test with an IOS device

Section 2 : We test using an Android device

If you have not done any IOS configuration move on to Section 2 in Part 3 of this Lab.

Section 1: IOS TEST

Note: The following steps have been written assuming you have NO previously installed Native Office 365 Applications on your IOS device prior to enrolling your device. If you suspect you have, for consistent results, that are in line with the instructions in this Lab, remove these native applications, and install Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel through the Workspace ONE HUB application.

  1. Ensure your IOS device is enrolled your lab environment and all previous parts of these labs have been completed successfully
    1. On your IOS device launch Microsoft Word
      • You will now see a prompt that the application has received additional Company Policies, select OK to close the window
    2. You will be prompted to set a passcode in accordance with the policy. Set a 4 digit pin e.g. 2019


  1. Let's now look at the Data Loss Prevention feature.
    1. In the Word app on your iOS device click on New at the bottom left to create a new document.
    2. Click on Blank Document in the top left corner.
    3. Now type Hello World, then select and click copy
    4. Now open Notes as an application on the device
    5. Click the Pen on paper icon in the bottom right corner of the application for a new note.
    6. Now press and hold to select Paste. You will get a message saying "Your Organisation's data cannot be pasted here."

Section 2: Android OS Test

  1. Ensure your Android device is enrolled your lab environment and all previous parts of these labs have been completed successfully.
    1. On your Android Device. Open the managed Outlook application
      • Notice the application is managed by your organization and you will be required to set a pin. Type 2019 or any four digit pin.
    2. Once you are in the Outlook application and you have entered the pin to authenticate, click on the pencil icon in the bottom right.
    3. Now in the body area of the new message type Hello World.
    4. Select the text and click copy
  1. Now click home and click on the Chrome application that does not have the suitcase.
    1. In the Chrome application click on the address bar and click Paste
    2. You will note that it will not paste this text from Outlook. You will get a message "Your organisation's data cannot be pasted here."
  • This concludes the Securing O365 with Workspace ONE UEM - you have seen the integration with Microsoft securing the digital workplace.


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