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Getting Started on TestDrive

Getting Started with TestDrive

The purpose of this document is to familiarize yourself with TestDrive and how it can prove effective as a demo platform.

In addition to a designated Demo environment with pre-configured use cases,  TestDrive can also serve as a custom Proof-of-concept tool leveraging the Sandbox environments. (Limitations apply)

Please ensure you are familiar with this platform before attending EUC Architecture & Design Livefire

Sign-up for Free to your TestDrive Account

1. Navigate to

2. If you don't already have an account click on GET STARTED! if you do already have an account your can click LOG IN in the top right.

3. Enter your organizational E-mail address - If you are a VMware Partner you may be prompted to tell us which user type best describes you.

Select I am a VMware Partner.

4. VTSP Status- At this point you'll be asked if you have completed VTSP. If you select YES, you'll be asked to fill out a sign up form. We will verify your status and send you your credentials once we have verified. If you select NO you'll be taken to a page which includes instructions for how to register for this free accreditation. Once you have completed VTSP you can return and sign up later.

Log in to the TestDrive Portal

To log in to TestDrive, use your TestDrive username (the username is not your email!). Refer back to your confirmation email you received when you signed up. Also, if you have forgotten your password you can choose forgot password right below the login.

Using TestDrive

My Products Page

Once you have logged in successfully you will be able to View the My Product Page. Be sure you are on the first tab Empower Digital Workspace

The main view in the TestDrive portal is the my products page. This is where you turn on products for your account, launch into products, view walkthrough guides and view your credentials.

You'll notice the products page is broken into 3 sections - Ready to Use Experiences, Sandbox Experiences, and Sample Integrations.

  • Ready to Use Experiences- these products have been completely configured, integrated and are maintained by the TestDrive team. We've set up sample customer workflows so you can see the products in the configured state that would be common in the real world. No configuration is required, just launch into the products and start using them.
  • Sandbox Experiences- these products are blank individual instances of the product assigned to your TestDrive account. With these experiences, you can explore your own tenant of the product to review all the admin features and make any configurations you'd like. These environments are valid as long as your TestDrive account is active and cannot be converted to production today. These environments are Saas hosted.
  • Sample Integrations- these are 3rd party partners who have worked with VMware to provide sample licenses. These integrations are available to showcase the end to end Workspace ONE experience from the "Ready to Use Experiences" products. For example, with Blue Jeans enabled you can SSO into Blue Jeans from Workspace ONE.

Now is a good time to go ahead and toggle on products and integrations you'd like to use.

TestDrive is equipped with various use-cases for iOS, Android, Windows - these can be view here -

Additionally there are demo vidoes available that will enable you to present these in a customer facing scenario -

Now you are familiar with the TestDrive Platform - Get started with Enrolling a device and observe how WorkspaceOne secures the digital workplace for any app on any device.



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