EUCbackup Default chapterVMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE UEM Integration 2.0 (EMPOWER)

VMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE UEM Integration 2.0 (EMPOWER)

Part 1. Workspace ONE UEM integration
In this section we will do the Workspace ONE UEM side of the configuration.

1. Switch back to the Workspace ONE UEM Admin console.

  • Be sure to make these settings at the company organisation group, then  navigate to Groups and Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration> VMware Identity Manager > Configuration

2. Click CONFIGURE under Server settings

3. Click CONTINUE  

On the Connect to VMware Identity Manager window enter the following:

  1. Tenant URL: Your Tenant eg.
  2. User Name: Your Tenant Admin account
  3. Password: Your Tenant Password

Select TEST CONNECTION to ensure Tenant configuration has been entered successfully.

4. Select SAVE

1. Click "Use Autogenerated API KEY"

2. Under Certificate Click ENABLE - we will use this certificate later for Single-Sign-On with Windows 10

3. Now click EXPORT - we will use this certificate in a later exercise



1. Open your Unique vIDM admin console and authenticate using that admin username and password

2. Navigate to Identity & Access Management > Setup > AirWatch the field should be populated

Notice how everything in here is now configured to be used for trust between vIDM and UEM

You have now successfully finished the integration


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