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WorkspaceOne Intelligence - Hub Services & People Search

Now we will enable Hub Services and People Search inside of  VMware Identity Manager to ensure that we have connection  

1. Navigate to your unique vIDM SaaS Tenant Admin Console and authenticate using administrator and VMware1!

2. Now click on the drop down next to Catalog and select Hub Configuration select Launch

3. On the list of Customizations do the following

Enable: People, Notification and Custom

Label: INTRA

URL: (This is an internal app that is running in the corporate network and will not be reach on public domains)

Enable: App Rating

Leave the rest as default

Select SAVE



4. Now click on BACK TO HUB CONFIGURATION at the top right of the page.

5. This will take you back to the Admin Console of vIDM. Click on the dropdown next to Catalog and select Settings.

6. Select People Search and click the Enable People Search and select NEXT

7. Select the Directory as LivefireSync and leave the default attributes to e used for PeopleSearch. Click NEXT

8.  Change the ManagerDN to Department, change the Title to Title from the dropdown. Click NEXT

9. Leave this page as default and click SAVE & SYNC

1. You can now open an incognito windows on your browser and navigate back to your vIDM tenant and sign in with your unique user you created in AD.

NOTE: It may take a few minutes for the PEOPLE Tab appear. Skip to next piece and come back if necessary.

2. You can now search for various individuals in the AD using the search function of the PEOPLE tab.


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