Introduction to the Horizon Cloud Connector Deployment Lab

Welcome to the EUC Livefire: Horizon Cloud Connector Deployment session.

What you can achieve in this session

  • Deploy and Configure the  Horizon Cloud Connector
    • Primary and Worker Node
  • Configure Horizon Cloud Services.
    If time permits : -
  • Pair Primary and Worker Nodes (optional)


The objective of this chapter is to introduce to class resources.

It is imperative that you document Accounts your require for this session

Failure to complete this chapter will result in you not being to able to complete certain labs going forward

  • Have and understand what your assigned POD ID is
  • Identify your Horizon Universal Console Account and Horizon Console Password

Account information for this lab

Please Note : Unless explicitly specified, all Usernames and Accounts in this Lab environment share the same password

That being VMware1!

Colour Code Convention

  • Everything in BOLD BLACK is something to look for, it could be a heading or title providing you context to an area you need to configure or launch
  • Everything in BOLD GREEN is an area to select or click on
  • Everything in BOLD BLUE is something to type in
  • Your POD ID will be used as an Identifier in certain parts of the Lab to ensure there are no conflicts in this environment with other attendees on this session, it critical at all times to follow the prescribed naming conventions in the labs and use your POD ID when directed

Overview of our On-premise and SaaS resource

LAB Architecture for this session

Follow resources are

  • The following resources in your lab environment are representative of what the EUC-Livefire organisation "On-premise' resources.
  • (Bangalore POD)
    1. Active Directory Domain Controller and DNS services.
      • An Active Directory Domain is
          • Domain controller DNS server Microsoft Active Certificate server
          • Its also your primary landing desktop into your assigned vAPP
    2. Horizon Infrastructure
      • Horizon-01a (Installed and Configured)
    3. Client resources
      • Windows 10 desktops .
        • Site 1
          •           (TEST CLIENT)
            • the test user account for this desktop will be Jill
          •        (TEST CLIENT
            • the test user account for this desktop will be Mark
    4. App Volumes
      • Preconfigured App Volumes packages
        • Notepad++
        • Google Chrome
        • Office 365
    5. vCenter
      • Plays the role of a resource block for the Horizon POD
    6. Hypervisor
        • Host to a RDSH server Farm
        • Host to a Horizon Instant Clone Desktop Pool
        • Host to an App Volumes provisioning machine
        • Master images
          • RDSH-01a (predeployed Horizon and APP Volumes agent)
          • Master-01a (predeployed Horizon and APP Volumes agent)
    7. Unified Access Gateway
      • .OVA templates are available with power scripts to deploy if required.
      • This resource is not required for this specific lab




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