Bug fix for Image management

This patch is for a vCenter bug in Content Library which causes replication to fail. This only needs to be installed on Site-2 primary Node

  1. Take a Snapshot of the Cloud Connector without the memory state
    • Login to the vCenter on Site-2
    • https://vcenterXX-02a.euc-livefire.com
    • From the vCenter inventory
      • Locate the cloud Primary Cloud Connector hznccXX-02a
      • Right click on hznccXX-02a  from the vCenter inventory
      • Click Snapshots > Take Snapshots...
      • In the name type
        • Before_Patch
      • Uncheck Include virtual machine's memory
      • Click CREATE to take a snapshot
  1. On the Control Center Desktop
    • Navigate to software > Horizon > hccPatches
    • Copy the ils-patch-vcenter-7.0.3.tar and paste it in the Downloads folder
  1. On the Control Center,
    • Right Click on Start menu
    • Select Command Prompt (Admin)
    • Run the following command to copy the  patch file on the cloud connector
      • scp C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\ils-patch-vcenter-7.0.3.tar [email protected]:/home/ccadmin/
  1. Using the Command Prompt (Admin), SSH to the Cloud Connector by running the following command
  1. Run the following command within the ssh session
    • sudo docker load < ils-patch-vcenter-7.0.3.tar
      • When prompted, enter the password
        • VMware1!VMware1!
  1. In the Command Prompt ssh session
    • Enter the following:
      • sudo docker tag b78dbb7b0406 ils:latest
        • With your keyboard
          • select Enter
  1. Use the following command to edit the ils-component.yaml file in the vi editor
    • sudo vi /opt/vmware/docker-container/ils/charts/ils-component.yaml
  1. In the ils-component.yaml file
    • Scroll down using keyboard down arrow key
    • Look for entry image : ils:26
      • Note: The number may vary. In the example, it shows 26
  1. Once image : ils:26 is found
    • Press i on the keyboard to edit the file
    • Change the value to latest
      • The line should look like as shown in the screenshot above.
        • image: ils:latest
      • To Save the  file in vi editor
        • Press escape key on the keyboard
        • Then press wq!
        • Then press enter
  1. Run the following command to update Kubernetes configuration
    • sudo kubectl apply -n ils-system -f /opt/vmware/docker-container/ils/charts/ils-component.yaml
    • If prompted for password enter,
    • VMware1!VMware1!
  1. Run the following command to validate the age of age of the container
    • sudo kubectl -n ils-system get pods
      • Note: In my case, it shows 60 seconds since I just restarted the container in step 9. It may vary
      • Wait for 3 to 5 mins
      • Start the lab for Image Management


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