EUCHorizon Cloud Services Advanced Integrations Day 1Microsoft 365 Developer Account Setup prior to attending our session

Microsoft 365 Developer Account Setup prior to attending our session

Setting Up a Developer Account for Microsoft 365

Recently Microsoft appears to have implemented a limit in terms of the number of developer accounts created per day.

If you fail on your attempts keep trying periodically, possibly 2 or 3 times a day until you are successful in the creation of this account

In our tests and some of our previous courses we have come across numerous places with different individuals where the creation of the Account stopped. By being persistant and attempting to continue at a later hour in the day or the next all were able to eventually get their accounts created.

Due to the nature of this issue and likelihood that others around the globe might also be trying to create Azure Developer Accounts we have decided to get you to attempt  to your accounts prior to attending this session. On arrival you will then have an Azure Developer Account and it will be one less thing to do in your hands-on

This lab is a pre-requisite lab to the very last lab on Day 4, Integrating Microsoft One Drive with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

If all runs well it should take approximately 30 minutes to complete this exercise

  • To complete this Part. Please ensure you have the following before starting this exercise
    • The Developer account requires the following:
      • A unique email that is not associated with any other Azure accounts
      • A phone number that is not associated with any other Azure Accounts.
        • Azure only permits up to two account with the same mobile number
    • If necessary, to to GMAIL.COM and create a fictitious account.
  • In your Lab Document sheet.
    • Do not forget to document your account, Domain and URL information under the Microsoft 365 Header

Setting Up a Developer Account for Microsoft 365

  1. On your Native Laptop / Desktop computer
    • Open a new browser session
      • Note Chrome browser is Browser used to capture this process
        • Please ensure that this is a fresh new session.
        • Delete your history and clear out all cookies
    • Navigate to the following URL:
        • Do not select JOIN NOW.

We have used the Chrome Browser to capture the screenshots.

  1. On your Chrome Browser
    • To the right of the page
      • select Sign In

  1. On Microsoft Sign in Page
    • Next to:
      • No account? select Create one!
  1. Under Create account
    • Enter an email address
      • This email cannot be associated with an existing AZURE account
    • Select Next
  1. Under Create a password
    • Enter your password
      • Ensure this documented carefully
    • Select Next
  1. In the Verify email window
    • Note you have to enter a code
    • Switch to your email to get the CODE
    • Enter the CODE
    • Select Next
  1. On the Create account page
    • Select Next
  1. On the Create account page
    • Select Whatever YOUR interface asks you to
    • When done you will be switched back to the Microsoft 365 developer page
  1. In the Create account window
    • Under Country / region
      • Select United States
    • Under Birthdate
      • Select a birthdate
      • Select Next
    • On the Please confirm your age window
      • Select Next
  1. On the Developer Page
    • In the top right corner
      • Select the account icon
      • Select Add your name
  1. Under Edit name
    • Enter your
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Captcha
    • Select Save
  1. On your ControlCenter
    • Using your Google Chrome Browser
      • Open a New Incognito session
  1. In your Google Chrome browser
    • Enter URL
  1. In the Microsoft 365 Developer page
    • In the top right corner
      • Select Sign in
  1. In the Microsoft Sign in page
    • Enter  custom email address
    • Select Next
  1. In the Enter password window
    • Enter your custom password
      • select Sign in
    • In the Stay signed in? page
      • Select Yes
  1. Join Office 365 Developer program today page
    • Select Join now >

Latest issue in testing. We now see a missing first name and last name message after selecting Join Now. You need to keep trying two or three times per day until you get past this hurdle and finish the signing up process

Also please do not forget to document your access information for Microsoft 365 Developer Program in your Lab Document

Thank you.

  1. On the Microsoft 365 Developer Program Signup page
    • Under  Country/Region 
      • Select United States
    • Under  Company*
      • Enter make up company name
        • Note. Dont use the term livefire
    • select the two checkboxes for terms and conditions and information
    • Select NEXT
  1. On the What is your primary focus as a developer? * (Choose only one)
    • Next to Application for internal use at my company
      • Select the radio button
    • Select Next
  1. In the What areas of Microsoft 365 development are you interested in? page
    • Select several checkboxes
    • Select Save
  1. Set up your Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox page
    • Accept the default
      • note you will have 90 days left
    • Select Next
  1. In the Set up your Microsoft 365 E5 Instant Sandbox page
    • Enter the following information
      • Under Country/region
        • select North America(United States - CA)
      • Under Admin username*
        • enter CloudadminXX
          • XX being your POD ID
      • Enter and confirm your Password
        • Note! This password has to be at lease 15 characters
          • possibly use VMware1!VMware1!
    • Document your Cloud Admin Name
    • Document your Password
    • Select Continue
  1. In the Add phone number for security page
    • Enter YOUR Country code
    • Enter YOUR phone number
    • Select Send Code
  1. In the Image security page
    • Follow the instructions in your version
    • Select VERIFY
  1. In the Add phone number for security window
    • Under Enter the code
      • Enter the number you received via text message from Microsoft
    • Select Set up
  • Very important
    • Take a note of your Domain name
    • Take a note of your Administrator account
  • Save this information to your Lab Notes document
  1. In the Microsoft 365 Developer Program window
    • Note !
      • Take a screenshot of this window
      • Document your Domain Name
      • Document your Administrator Account
    • Select Go to subscription
  1. On Microsoft sign-in page
    • Note the full fqdn of your admin account
    • Under Enter password
      • type your password
    • Select Sign in


  1. On Microsoft sign-in page
    • Select Skip for now ( 14 days until this is required)

Certain Attendees had issues at this point in our last session. If you do not get the above result notify the Livefire team and try again later. This should be attempted on Day 1 of the session to ensure by Day 4 you get this working.

  1. On Microsoft sign-in page
    • Select Yes
  1. In the Office page
    • This is the final step in the process of setting up your developer account
    • Take a few moments to validate all your account information and ensure you have saved this properly

This will be


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