EUCService Learning Reinhart / SanderROC VMware WeekChapter 7:Horizon integration into Workspace ONE Access

Chapter 7:Horizon integration into Workspace ONE Access


  • Federating VMware Horizon with Workspace ONE Access

Configuring Workspace ONE Access and Horizon Integration

  1. On your ControlCenter desktop
    • Open your Google Chrome browser
    • Select the VMware Horizon shortcut for Horizon administrator
    • In the User Name area login as administrator
      • In the Password area type  VMware1! 
    • Select Sign in
Configuring VMware Identity Manager to deliver remote Applications and Desktops
  1. Expand Settings,
    • Select Servers
    • Select the Connection Servers Tab
  1. Under Servers
    • Select the radio button to next HORIZON
    • Select  Edit 
  1. On the Edit Connection Server Settings page
    • Select the Authentication tab.
  1. On the Authentication tab, Under Delegation of authentication to VMware Horizon (SAML 2.0 Authenticator):
    • On the Drop down Arrow Select Allowed,
    • Select the Manage SAML Authenticators box
  1. On the Manage SAML Authenticators box
    • Select Add
  1. In the Add SAML 2.0 Authenticator window.
    • Ensure Dynamic radio button is selected,
    • Enter the following:
      • Under Label: type Workspace ONE Access
      • Under Metadata URL : https://YOUR CUSTOM Access URL/SAAS/API/1.0/GET/metadata/idp.xml
        • e.g.
      • Select OK
  1. In the Manage SAML Authenticators window
    • Select OK to close
  1. In the Connection Server Settings
    • Select OK
  1. On the ContolCenter Server desktop,
    • Open a new tab on your Google Chrome Browser .
    • In the address bar add your Workspace ONE Access  URL
      • Log in as SysAdmin
      • Select TA > Administration Console
      • Select the Catalog tab,
      • Select Virtual Apps Collection
  1. On the Introducing Virtual Apps Collection Page
    • Select GET STARTED
  1. In the Select the Source Type window,  
    • In the Horizon box,  click the SELECT link
  1. On the NEW Horizon Collection page ,
    • Enter the following, next to:
      • Name : Horizon
        • Accept the default (LivefireSync) Connector
      • Select NEXT
  1. In the New Horizon Collection wizard
    • Step 2. Pod and Federation,
      • select + ADD A POD
  1. In the New Horizon Collection wizard
    • Under Horizon Connection Server
      • type :
    • Under Username
    • Under Password
      • type: VMware1!
    • Select ADD
  • Select Next
  1. In the New Horizon Collection wizard
    • In Step 3 Configuration
      • On the Sync page under Activation Policy
        • Change User Activated to Automatic ,
        • Under the Default Launch Client select Browser
    • Select Next
  1. In the New Horizon Collection wizard
    • In Step 4 Summary
      • Select SAVE & CONFIGURE
  1. In the Horizon window
    • Select the Overview tab
  1. In the Horizon Window
    • Select the radio button next to Horizon
      • Select the dropdown next to SYNC
        • Select Sync without safeguards
  1. In the Virtual Apps Collections window
    • Next to  Sync Status, select the Refresh icon
    • Select More
    • Select the blue I icon next to Completed
      • In the Sync Action Summary, you should see synced items
      • If the Sync Action Summary displays zero synced, reach out to the Livefire Team

This concludes this exercise. Move onto the next chapter

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