Android Hub Enrollment

In this lab you will be enrolling an Android device (virtual or physical). This will be an Android for work (work profile) enrollment which is the most common form of enrollment.

Please ensure you have done the WorkspaceONE Integrations lab before proceeding with enrollment.

Part 1: Android - Intelligent Hub Enrollment

Part 1: Android - Intelligent Hub Enrollment

  1. This lab will walk you through how to enroll an android device in Device Profile mode using the WorkspaceOne Intelligence Hub.
    • Launch your Android Studio Emulator configured in the previous lab.
      • In Your Virtual Devices window under Actions, select the Play button
  1. Open the Google Play Store APP on your android device
    1. Select SIGN IN
    2. In the Sign in window, enter your email, select NEXT
    3. Enter your Password window, select NEXT
    4. On the Add phone number? page, scroll down and select Skip
    5. On the Terms of Service page, select I Agree
    6. On the Google Services page select Accept
  1. Search for Intelligent Hub
    • Select INSTALL

If you get a "Download pending" message when downloading the hub, you may have problems reaching the Google play services. Please check VPN and proxy settings, and if you are a VMware employee please reach out to your instructor.

  1. Next to Intelligent Hub, select OPEN
  1. Under the Email address or server area,
    • Enter
    • Select NEXT
    • When prompted select Allow
  1. Under Group ID, enter your Workspace ONE UEM org Group ID
    • Select Next
    • To find your Group Id, Hover over the dropdown menu for your organizational group and observe the Group ID in the emerging window in your Workspace ONE UEM Console
  1. You will be re-directed to Workspace ONE Access for Authentication, Select the domain from the drop down and click Next.
    • For the user type Mark In the Password area, enter VMware1!
    • When prompted to Save password to Google? , select No thanks
  1. On the Privacy window, select I UNDERSTAND
  1. On the Data Sharing window, select I AGREE
  1. On the Let's set up your work profile, select Accept & continue
  1. On the Let's set up your work profile page select Next
  1. Click SKIP on the next prompt.
  1. The Intelligent Hub should now be registered and the device in Android for Enterprise Work Profile
    • You should see you Custom Home Tab as well as your Favorites, Apples, People, and Notifications.

This concludes the Android enrollment lab. You should now have either a virtual (emulator) or a physical Android device enrolled in your UEM console. This is a pre-requisite for some of the later labs.


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