User Risk Score Simulation

Risk Analytics in Workspace ONE Intelligence is a risk scoring capability that analyses user behavior and device posture before calculating a risk score for all devices and users in the system.

Using Intelligences powerful Automation Engine, you will automate actions such as updating OS, patch deployment, updating risky device security protections etc. to increase overall security. Then you will leverage the user risk score to set policies for conditional access to apps and data.

Since Risk Score requires 100+ devices and 14 days of historical data to leverage this functionality, we are delivering this lab in the form of a simulation.

To start the simulation,

Navigate to ControlCenter2 Virtual Machine, on your Desktop find the Simulations folder and in the fold find the Risk Score Simulation Google Chrome shortcut.

Double click to access the simulation.

NOTE: Use your keyboard left arrow key ⬅️ to go back in the simulation. The screensteps for this simulation are on the right panel of the simulation screen.

Once completed, simply close the browser and proceed to the next section of the labs.


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