Federating a SAML test app

This lab will take you through how to setup a test SAML application to be used in-conjunction with the rest of the labs. This will give you a platform to test against once authenticated to Workspace ONE Access.

This test SAML application is provided by https://sptest.iamshowcase.com/

We will do the IDP-Init flow only, if you wish to do the SP-Init flow also there is a section on that on this website.

Part 1: Integrate SAML Application

Part 2: Testing the SAML Application

Part 1: Integrate SAML Application

1. On your Controlcenter open Chrome and navigate to your Workspace ONE Access tenant. This should end in *.vidmpreview.com

  • Authenticate using Admin and your password that you have set.

2. Now click on + New Tab in Chrome and navigate to this page: https://sptest.iamshowcase.com/instructions#start


3. A new tab will open with the Metadata information. Copy the entire XML

4. Navigate back to Workspace ONE Access admin console and click on Catalog and click NEW.

5. Give the App the name SAML TEST APP and click NEXT.

6. On the Configuration page. Make sure Authentication Type is set to SAML 2.0 and Configuration to URL/XML and now paste the METADATA XML.

7. Scroll down and click advanced properties and navigate to Custom Attribute Mapping. Now click ADD ROW add the three Attributes that you will send in the SAML assertion.

username - username - ${user.userName}

firstname - first - ${user.firstName}

lastname - last - ${user.lastName}

click NEXT at the bottom right hand side of the page

8. Leave the Access Policie as default and click NEXT and click SAVE & ASSIGN

9. In the Assign window, find the Sales group and click to assign. Set the deployment type to automatic and click SAVE.

Part 2: Testing the SAML Application

1. Open an incognito windows in Chrome and navigate your unique Access tenant. Select euc-livefire.com from the Domain drop down and click Next.

2. Authenticate using Mark and VMware1! click Sign in

3. Click on the Apps tab at the top of the Intelligent Hub and you should now see SAML TEST APP. Click on the app.

4. You should now be authenticated to the iamshowcase.com application

If you scroll down you will see the attributes coming across from Access as part of the SAML assertion.

You have now setup a very simple SAML app that we can use in the following labs for a testing authentication using various auth methods.

NOTE: If you would like to do the SP-init Flow using the iamshowcase.com app please follow instructions here: https://sptest.iamshowcase.com/instructions#spinit


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