WorkspaceOne Hub Enrollment

Part 1: Pre-Requirement for Enrollment

There are some pre-requirements on the Workspace ONE UEM console before you enroll your device. for getting the Intelligence Hub application to work well. VMware is moving away from the AirWatch Agent and Workspace One application and consolidating under a single application referred to as the Workspace ONE Hub. We have to configure Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM to provision applications, we will configure the Hub Services for additional features.

  1. Login to your WorkspaceOne UEM Admin Console and select to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Device & Users > General > Enrollment
  1. Under the Authentication Tab
    • Next to  "Source of Authentication for Intelligence Hub" switch WORKSPACE ONE UEM to Workspace ONE Access
    • Select ENABLED next to "Require Intelligence Hub Enrollment for iOS"
    • Select SAVE at the bottom right corner.
  1. You will now have to enable the catalog service in the Hub application by going to All Settings > Apps > WorkspaceOne > AirWatch Catalog > General
  1. Under the Publishing tab select ENABLED next to
    • "Intelligence Hub Catalog (iOS)"
    • "Intelligence Hub Catalog (Android)"
    • "Intelligent Hub Catalog" (Windows Desktop)
    • "Intelligent Hub Catalog" (macOS)
    • select DISABLED next to all Legacy Catalogs.
    • Select Save at the bottom right.
  1. Now we will enable Hub Services and People Search inside of  Workspace ONE Access to ensure that we have a connection  
    • Navigate to your unique Workspace ONE Access SaaS Tenant Admin Console and authenticate using your Admin credentials. (Select Domain as System Domain)
    • On the Workspace ONE Access Console, select the Catalog tab and select Hub Configuration select Launch
  1. On the Home page, Under Configuration Checklist, configure the following:
    • Click on Configure under People, Enable People by turning the toggle green. Hit Save.
    • From the left menu, Navigate to Custom Tab. Enable by turning the toggle green. In the title enter: EUCLF (Best practice is not use a label longer than 6 characters). URL: Set the position to First.
    • Next go to App Catalog, ensure App rating toggle is on (default is ON)
    • Leave the rest as default
    • Select SAVE

3. Enabling Employee Self Service,

Navigate to Employee Self Service tab from the left navigation panel. Click on Get Started. If this is enabled by default. No action needed.

Currently, Employee self service allows employees to add a new BYOD device and re-push profiles.


4. To the top right of the page select BACK TO WORKSPACE ONE ACCESS  

  1. Select the Catalog tab  select Settings.
  1. Select People Search
    • Select the check box next to Enable People Search
    • Select NEXT
  1. Select the Directory  LivefireSync and
    • Leave the default attributes to be used for People Search.
    • Select NEXT
  1. Validate the following with the associated dropdown
    • distinguishedName with distinguishedName
    • managerDN with manager
    • title to title from the dropdown.
    • select Next
  1. Under the Specify the user DNs edit the default  CN=Users,DC=euc-livefire,DC=com to  OU=Corp,DC=euc-livefire,DC=com next select SAVE & SYNC

  1. Open an incognito windows on your browser and navigate back to your Workspace ONE Access tenant
    • Login using your custom Active Directory Account Userx and VMware1!  e.g. user35RNL
    • Select   Sign in
  1. Select People
    • In the search interface type User
      • Notice the search results
      • Select an individual user and notice you can see information related to the user.

Part 3  Intelligence Hub Enrollment

Section 1. Android - Intelligence Hub Enrollment

  1. This lab will walk you through how to enroll an android device in Device Profile mode using the WorkspaceOne Intelligence Hub.
    • Launch your Android Studio Emulator configured on Day 1
      • In Your Virtual Devices window under Actions, select the Play button
  1. Open the Google Play Store APP on your android device
    1. Select SIGN IN
    2. In the Sign in window, enter your email, select NEXT
    3. Enter your Password window, select NEXT
    4. On the Add phone number? page, scroll down and select Skip
    5. On the Terms of Service page, select I Agree
    6. On the Google Services page select Accept
  1. Search for Intelligent Hub
    • Select INSTALL
  1. Next to Intelligent Hub, select OPEN
  1. Under the Email address or server area, type
    • Select NEXT
    • When prompted select Allow
  1. Under Group ID, enter your Workspace ONE UEM org Group ID
    • Select Next
    • To find your Group Id, Hover over the dropdown menu for your organizational group and observe the Group ID in the emerging window in your Workspace ONE UEM Console
  1. Under Username, enter your custom Active Directory Username. eg User35RNL
    • In the Password area, enter VMware1!
    • When prompted to Save password to Google? , select No thanks
  1. On the Privacy window, select I UNDERSTAND
  1. On the Data Sharing window, select I AGREE
  1. On the Let's set up your work profile, select Accept & continue
  1. On the Let's set up your work profile page select Next
  1. Notice the process in the enrollment phase on Android Enrollment.
    • When you see this, you have completed your Android Enrollment with Intelligent Hub

Section 2. Windows 10 Intelligent Hub Enrollment

In this Lab we will Enroll a Win10 1809 VM using the latest WorkspaceOne Intelligence Hub

  1. Log into the Control Center and open the Remote Desktop folder on the Desktop.
    • Select the W10Client01 RDP client and sign-in with username administrator and password VMware1!
    • To the right of the Start button in the search area, start typing intel
    • Select the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
  1. Under Email or Server Address, enter select Next
  1. Under Group ID unique enter your unique your Workspace ONE UEM tenant Group ID
    • To get your unique Workspace ONE UEM Group ID, revert back to your Workspace ONE UEM tenant and look for the following next to the Workspace ONE UEM logo, select your Organization Group and note your Group ID
    • Select NEXT
  1. In the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub under
    • Username enter your custom Active Directory Username
    • Password enter VMware1!
    • Select Sign in
  1. Select I Agre
  1. On the Congratulations window, select Done
    • Notice the Enrolled status of W10Client02

Part 4. Workspace ONE UEM & Workspace One Hub Services


  1. In the WorkspaceOne UEM console in the top right corner you will see the six square grid. Click on this to jump between the various EUC Admin interfaces.
    • Select the square grid in the top right and select Workspace ONE Hub Services
  1. In the Intelligent Hub window, select GET STARTED.
    • When prompted to Activate Hub Services, select YES

3. Click on Launch to open the Workspace ONE Hub Services. 

This page allows you to control the user experience inside the Intelligent HUB application, setup notifications and Self service portal for your users. Feel free to explore individual pages from the left menu panel. No further action needed. 

On top right, click on the BACK TO WORKSPACE ONE UEM Console. 


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