Horizon Subscription based Licensing

In this labs we will follow the steps neccesary to integrate your on premise deployment of Horizon with the Horizon Cloud platform to use subscription based licensing.

1. Verifying the Horizon cloud connector virtual appliance

1. From your Controlcenter virtual machine's taskbar click on the Google Chrome icon

2. From the bookmarks bar click on the vSphere link

3. input the following credentials:

         Username: [email protected]

        Password: VMware1!

4. Click on login


5. If you get a Flash player warning click on the Get ADOBE FLASH PLAYER and click on Allow in the Run Flash prompt.

6. click on the Hosts and clusters pane and expand all branches of the navigation tree

7. make sure the horizon-cloud-connector VM is powered on

8. if the virtual machine is powered off, click on the Power On button

2. (optional) installing Horizon Cloud Connector certificate

In this part we'll enable ssh, upload and install wildcard certificates for the Horizon Cloud Connector appliance.

1. In your vSphere Web Client window Click on the launch virtual machine console button for the horizon-cloud connector VM

2. in the virtual machine console window, use your keyboard arrows to select Login and press Enter.

3. Login with the following credentials

    Username: root

    Password: VMware1!

4. Type or copy and paste the following command to enable ssh:

/opt/vmware/bin/configure-adapter.py --sshEnable

5. Wait for the steps to complete successfully, the wait time to be over and the command prompt to appear again. You can close the window after this step



6. From the desktop of your Controlcenter VM, open the WinSCP shortcut

7. Click on the horizon cloud connector site that has already been created for you.

8.  click on Login.

9. on the Warning promp click Yes

10. on the Welcome prompt click Continue

11. on the right pane navigation pane, go up one level and navigate to Desktop\software\certificates\2019 wildcard\PEM format\horizon cloud connector\

12. make sure the right navigation pane currently points to /root/ , otherwise go up one level and select the folder.

13. select both the .crt and the .key files

14. right click them and click Upload...


15. on the upload prompt click OK , close all windows when the transfer is finished

16. in the taskbar open the PuTTY shortcut

17. in the Saved Sessions pane, select the horizon cloud connector session that has already been created for you

18. click Open


19. click Yes on the Putty Security Alert

20.1 Back up the existing certificate.

cp /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.crt /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.crt.orig
Click to copy

20.2 Backup existing key

cp /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.key /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.key.orig
Click to copy

20.3 Copy the existing nginx conf file

cp /opt/container-data/conf/hze-nginx/nginx.conf /opt/container-data/conf/hze-nginx/nginx.conf.orig
Click to copy

20.4 Copy the CA certificate in the appropriate directory

cp /root/server.crt /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.crt
Click to copy

20.5 Copy the CA certificate key file in the appropriate directory

cp /root/server.key /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.key
Click to copy

20.5 Verify the owner and permissions for the certificate and key file

chown -R hze-nginx:hze-nginx /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx 
Click to copy
chmod 644 /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.crt
Click to copy
chmod 600 /opt/container-data/certs/hze-nginx/server.key
Click to copy

20.6 Verify and restart nginx

docker exec -i hze-nginx sudo nginx -t
Click to copy

20.7 update the SSL thumbprints in the welcome screen

docker exec -i hze-core sudo /opt/vmware/bin/configure-welcome-screen.py 
Click to copy
/usr/bin/killall --quiet vami_login
Click to copy

21. from your chrome browser click on your Horizon cloud connector bookmark

22. verify your connection is secure secure by click on the padlock icon next to your url.

3. Verify current licensing settings

1. in your chrome browser click on the Horizon bookmark

2. Click LAUNCH under the Horizon Administrator (Flex) option

3. Authenticate with the following credentials

    Username: administrator

    Password: VMware1!

4. navigate to view configuration \ Product licensing and usage

5. verify that the connection server is using a perpetual license key

4. configure the horizon cloud connector

In this part we configure the horizon cloud connector to communicate with your horizon cloud platform and your horizon connection server.

1. in your chrome browser access the horizon cloud connector bookmark

2. authenticate with your my vmware credentials

3. In the connect to Horizon 7 Connection Server setting type cs1-pd1.euc-livefire.com and click Connect

4. in the domain field type euc-livefire.com

5. in the username field type administrator

6. in the password field enter VMware1!

7. click Connect

8. in the Name field enter your pod name. i.e livefire-pod

9. to the right of the Data Center location click on New

10. in the City Name field enter your the city where your datacenter is located, i.e. Sandy springs, GA, United States

11. Click Save

12. Verify your city is selected

13. Click save

14. wait for setup to finish, you should get a screen like this.

15. click on the cloud.horizon.vmware.com link

16. log in with your My Vmware credentials

17. verify setup is complete for your on-premises pod


5. (optional) Domain configuration

To add more pods, manage permissions and roles for domain users register your active directory (optional)

1. in the getting started window of your horizon cloud platform, under General Setup, next to Active Directory click on configure

2. in the bind username field type Administrator

3.- in the bind password field type VMware1!

4. under Auxiliary account #1, in the bind username field type admin1

5. in the bind password field type VMware1!

6. Click on domain bind

7. in the primary DNS Server IP field type

8. in the join username field type administrator

9. in the Join password type VMware1!

10. click Save

11. in the user group field type Administrators and click on the built in group.

12. click save

13. login with your my vmware credentials

14. now login with the domain administrator credentials

15. verify domain configuration is complete

Verify subscription based licensing functionality

1. in your horizon console, navigate to view configuration\product licensing and usage

2. verify that horizon is no longer using a license key and is using a subscription license


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